Camel topcoat

October 15, 2016

Hey guys, you might be surprised by new photos more then impressed by this warm and cozy topcoat. It is already Ocober, and it is already becoming freakin’ cold, but in this transition time, this piece is more then enough.
By the way, Dušan and I started a new project, and from the first time already, I’m loving the results! I will let you enjoy the energy of art bellow! :)

Hej ljudi, verovatno Vas više iznenađuju nove fotografije nego sam mantil. Već je oktobar, i već postaje nenormalno hladno za ovo doba godine, ali dok još postoji neki prelazni period, ovaj topao i mekan mantil je sasvim dovoljan. No, Dušan i ja radimo na novom projektu, i već nakon prvog fotografisanja, utisci su i više nego pozitivni! Ništa lepše nego kad za rad imaš osobu koja je opuštena i razigrana u poslu koliko i ti, i rezultati su impresivniji nego što sam očekivala! Sam mantil i čizmice u istoj boji su bačene u senku energijom koja isijava iz ove umetnosti! :)



Autumn casual

Autumn , give us some warm days! I felt so comfortable in baggy shirt and regular jeans, like never before. I bough this shirt in ‘Republic’ store, for 5$! Yeah I am an expert to find cheap stuff. Lovely leather bag I bought in…

October 8, 2016


Trend of my dreams is now on stage! Say hello to world’s favorite, comfy and stylish shirts that look like skirts, and have both uses. Oh, I just love baggy (and sometimes shaggy) clothes. Depending of the mood, if I am up to go…

September 8, 2016
sherry london

When it’s glam, it’s dress time!

Get ready for prom, New year eve, wedding… in time! GOOD REASONS FOR YOUR SHOPPING WITH Sherry London! With Sherry London turn every event into a huge party! Looking for the perfect dress for a special occasion? Become the queen of the ball at every…

August 24, 2016
Diary Lifestyle

Fake era – closed!

21’st century, era of unnaturalness and immorality… I’m not the one that keeps quiet for fear that haunts us. I like to say what I mean, and those who share the same opinion with me, they’ll know they are not alone in this. That’s…

August 1, 2016

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