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Feel like success, and you’ll be successful

September 27, 2016

I feel like it’s time to share with you guys several things about the fact that ‘when you feel successful, you will be successful’. As I like to test it on me first so I can confidently prove it to everyone, most of the facts I am about to write to you, has changed my life drastically.

Feel the day…

Morning should be your most beautiful part of the day. When you start to think positively since you wake up, nothing can ruin your day anymore. Be happy for the weather, no matter what it is, enjoy your coffee, and repeat in your head as often as you can.

Stay calm.

‘Calm is a superpower’, LOL. Yes, but it can be trained. Try to work on your confidence first, and learn to speak less, but infomative stuff. Never be insistent to claim things you’re not sure about, and accept random conversations with new people and new themes. That can make you row, but also stay quiet and control yourself to listen, more then speak.

Remove stubborn!

Stubborn is your biggest enemy in every segment in life. Don’t mix it with persistence. Many people find irritating to chat with someone who is not open to anything, who doesn’t ‘feel the moment’, is not flexible and doesn’t fit easily. Just let it go, your pride can ruin your social life.

Be yourself.

Yeah, it’s told milion times! It’s because we are all overloaded by watching celebrities and ideals 24/7. Friendships and relationships get broken by constantly changing our minds of how that ‘right person’ should look like. We just have to accept others, and we should be with ones who accept us. Respect and cohesion developing are the solution.

Watch your own business.

Trough the years, you won’t even have that much time for helping others, worrying for others, pay their bills and solve their problems. No one can do it instead of you in your life, so in the time you get to know that you are actually not ‘helping’ someone by doing their part of work for them. You’re just making them more comfort than you have. And who is doing it for you? Well maybe only your parents, ofc while they still can.

Feel good in your own skin.

That’s the confidence that everyone should aspire. That is the ‘pride’ you need to wear like a beautiful dress. Not selfish, not egocentric , but leisurely.

Don’t be jealous!

Don’t be so ‘jelly’, spread some love! Be happy for other’s success, and do good for yourself. There is a place for everyone on the top, jealousy only stops the ‘cycle of happiness’, and exchange of good in the universe. Exclude gossip and bad words. And, don’t care that much, enjoy the magic.

Thanks Miha Zero for the photo !



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